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Latex Foam in Rolls and Sheets


The Sleep Therapy represents the company ARPICO NATURAL FOAMS which produces 100% natural latex with sales mainly in I.P.A.kai Germany. The ARPICO products possess many quality certification including certification GOLS (GLOBAL ORGANIC LATEX STANDARD) for diasfalisi high organic content (natural) latex in the layer. You can visit the page of ARPICO the address below.

Also available in Greece with storage Latex Arpico product which can be purchased directly.

The Arpico produces natural latex width rolls 210 cm thick 1,2,3,4 and 5 cm from 75 to 100 kg / m3.

Also sheets in various sizes and in 3 types: single zone, 5 zones and seven zones. Densities ranging from 55 to 100kg / m3 and at different heights.