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On 2007 greek professionals with 40 years experience , in quilting industry  create the products Sleep Therapy in order to bridge the gap ,who was in Greece and in the neighbour countries as well .


This gap was for excellent quality slepping products from oikological  ,physical and technical materials ,build with higher standards of the market .


Since then there exists cheap and bad qualitative or expensive products of good quality but  overpriced .


We on Sleep Therapy thinked ,that we could offer  the best quality of the products to our customers without to be expensive.


And we did it .


The products Sleep Therapy are offered in very good prices without any discount in the highest levels of quality setted by us.

Since 2016 Sleep Therapy represents the company ARPICO NATURAL FOAMS which produces 100% natural latex with sales mainly in U.S.A . and Germany. The ARPICO products possess many quality certification including certification GOLS (GLOBAL ORGANIC LATEX STANDARD) for ensuring high organic content (natural) latex in the layer.